Steven has several years experience of running proactive information and library services in the United Kingdom and Germany. He is a good communicator with strong interpersonal skills and a keen interest in IT, information management and developing training activities. Steven has been involved in implementing and working with collaborative technologies such as Livelink and Microsoft SharePoint which are powerful agents for process improvement.

Steven has become interested in improving information management through the following functions:

  • Creating folder structures that are more shallow than deep.
  • Creating views rather than sub folders in document libraries within SharePoint.
  • Filtering information on metadata or calculated columns
  • Using Lists to import data from spreadsheets.
  • Subscribing to automated alerts within SharePoint Libraries and Lists
  • Discussing the concepts of work-flows with customers.
  • Using survey function within SharePoint to gather quantifiable data.
  • Improving business processes withi SharePoint.

Of course, as with any change mangement project, winning the hearts and minds of the people involved is always essential for a successful outcome.

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